Have you seen the movie The War Room yet? I saw it yesterday with some friends and family. It was great! If you haven’t seen it, it’s in theaters now. Go see it. :)

But anywho, in this movie there’s an elderly woman who teaches a younger woman how to pray for her husband and for her family. Through her prayers, God turns her marriage around. It was an amazing thing to see.

And the majority of the movie, I was sitting there thinking, ‘I need to start praying for my future husband again.’ ‘I should start praying for him agian.’ ‘Wow, I really need to pray for him now!’

Praying for my future husband isn’t a new concept for me. I first started praying for him way back in the 7th grade. I attended a small Christian school and one day during athletics, our coach shared a few stories of people praying for their future husbands (I always loved it when he turned work-out time into devo-time. I didn’t like running sprints).

I thought it was a good idea so that day when I got home I got out a piece of notebook paper and wrote out a prayer for my future husband.
I still have it. It’s cute :)

Over the years, I’ve prayed for my future husband every now and then. I have a notebook I started a while back with prayers for him, but I haven’t kept up with it. After seeing The War Room, I have new found determination to pray for this guy.

Here’s why we should be praying for our future husbands:


5 reasons why we should be praying for our future husbands.

1. It creates a habit of prayer that can continue on into marriage. 

Praying for our future husbands now lays a foundation to pray for our husband once we’re married. It’s totally possible to start praying for our husbands once we’re actually married to them, but why not start now? If we consistently pray for our man now, we’ll have that habit once we get married.

2. Just as we have struggles today, so do our future husbands. 

This world we live in is crazy. I know I need every bit of help I can get, and so do my friends and family. In addition, I know my future husband is more than likely struggling with something right now. So not only should I be praying for my friends and family, I should be praying for him as well. I want to send some extra prayers his way so God can help him.

3. It gives us an opportunity to bless them now.

Proverbs 31:12 says, “She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.”

All the days of our lives started way back when we were born. They don’t start when we get married. {Friendly reminder that marriage does not equal life. Marriage is a part of life. There is more to life than marriage. Friendly reminder over :) } I don’t know about you, but I want to do my future husband good now. In this moment. Before I’ve even discovered who I’m to marry.

When we pray for our future husbands, we’re praying for some guy who’s out there in this world right now. We’re not praying for some guy who may or may not exist. If God wants us to get married, our future husbands exist today. They’re somewhere on this planet right now, and we have the amazing opportunity to bless them now, before we even know who they are!

4. God uses prayer to change us.

In The War Room, the main character realizes that she needs God to change her heart so she can be the kind of wife she needs to be. Not only does she pray for her husband, but she also prays for herself.

Prayer is powerful. 

I used to not understand prayer. I wondered why I even needed to pray when God already knows what I need. Eventually, I realized that when I pray I’m letting God into my life. I’m saying I trust Him. I’m handing my needs and praises over to Him.

Prayer changes us. Prayer turns us into people who trust God.

5. God listens to our prayers.

King Hezekiah is one of my favorite Old Testament characters. You can read about him in 2 Kings 20. But to sum up, Hezekiah was sick, and a prophet came and told him that God said that Hezekiah was going to die. Hezekiah cried out to God and emplored Him to change His mind. The prophet had not even left the palace yet, and God told him to turn around and tell Hezekiah that God would add 15 years to his life.

Hear that? Hezekiah prayed, and because he prayed God changed His plan! How cool is that?

So as we’re praying for our future husbands, we need to pray with faith that God will do all that He has promised.

I hope this post has inspired you to start praying or continue praying for your future husband. In the weeks to come, I’m going to be sharing ways to pray for our future husbands and what to pray for our future husbands, so be sure to check back for those posts :)

As for now, let’s go pray!

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10 thoughts on “Why We Should Pray For Our Future Husbands

  1. Adriana Renee

    Yes, yes, yes! I know my mom when I was younger always prayed for my future husband but now that I’m older I started praying for whoever he is and blessing him and hoping that God protects him. Such a good habit to start!


  2. Erica @ Coming Up Roses

    I love this!! I’m getting married in a year, so it’s top of mind and relevant for me…I’ve been trying to find specific prayers online as a blessing, but I love just openly asking God to favor him and keep him safe and secure physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and for him to be blessed as a future father of our family!

    Coming Up Roses


  3. Joy

    I had never thought of it this in-depth… but seeing all your points is really inspiring, girl! I prayed for my husband periodically in high school and college. Just knowing that the world is full of temptations, I wanted to pray that he would remain diligent and strong in God’s Word and hold tight to his morals and values.
    I am so blessed that God answered all my prayers and more. I asked my husband if he ever prayed for me and he said no, but his mom did… haha it always makes me laugh. Men are so different from women!
    I love what Amberly said about prioritizing marriage even when single. It’s so important, even then! Wonderful post.


  4. Rachel G

    I never prayed for my future husband–we got engaged when I was 18, so I think I was just too young before that, I wasn’t ever even thinking about boys or thinking seriously about marriage until all of a sudden I was thinking about THIS boy and THIS marriage. :)
    However, my mom told us about how she felt led to start praying for my husband on the very day I was born, and kept on praying for him throughout my whole life–she prayed for my other siblings’ future spouses too, but always felt led especially to pray for him–and that’s something very precious to us, and I think is a big part of the reason why he and my mom are so close. Also, to hear my husband’s story of growing up is to be amazed at God’s grace in bringing him out of situations that could have gone so wrong–God certainly uses prayer!


  5. Amberly

    I love this idea! I have a passion for prioritizing marriage throughout every stage of life, even the single stage and this is the perfect way to prioritize your marriage before you get to that point!


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